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Mark Petersen

Survival Skills Expert - Extreme Endurance/Mindset Coach

My Story

Former US Army combat medic 82nd Airborne and 101st Air Assault. Primitive skills and outdoor survival expert, mountaineering and canyon guide, outdoor educator, combat handgun instructor and is certified in wilderness medicine. Mark is the former Director of Extreme Endurance for Spartan Race.

Mark has summited numerous international peaks including 6 of the 7 continental highpoint and has walked the full length of the Appalachian Trail. When Mark is not bowhunting or working in his blacksmithing shop he is pursuing his greatest passion by conducting skills courses on his middle of nowhere Utah ranch named Mystery Rock Outdoor School. 

A Message From Mark...

I believe that anyone can develop the warrior state of mind and thereby propel themselves to unprecidented levels of personal excellence.  I have seen people transform themselves from average (sometime below average) to extrordinary in days because of a change of mindset through specific training.  If you want to change your mindset and achieve what others would call impossible let me know.  


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